I am neglecting this blog, and that has caused me to think about it more and more. There are only so much that can be said about my personal life that haven’t been written about a hundred times or more by now. It feels like it’s going in circles, and so I neglect it when I don’t have anything to say.

No no, this doesn’t mean I’m planning on quitting it, but it does mean that I am considering changes. From total redo of it, to just leaving it be. I’m leaning toward the latter. That would mean that the pace of publishing would go on as it is, with long periods of inactivity.

We are also careening toward the end of this second year. I know that it’s just february, but things are going on that will affect the third year. For one thing, I’m right now choosing where I want to work during the work-placement year.

I have three options:

  1. I can become a staff writer (unpaid) at a local theatre. I will write theatre scripts, treat existing scripts to suit production, write promotional materials, and so on.
  2. I can stop my dithering and actually become a journalist. There’s one position where I’d join the staff of a small paper. I’d learn the ropes of local reporting the most direct way imaginable.
  3. I can join a charity which has nothing to do with my field, literature, and become a true social justice warrior who struggle against the tide of poverty and want in this area.

There are more options, but neither of them are particularly appealing. So, I’ve coalesced things down to these three and will have to decide over the coming month. Each will, of course, affect what I do over the next few years as I shoot out of this university bubble into real life.

West End, Fleet Street, or the Quango quagmire? What do I want to work as for the next ten years. I have no flipping clue yet. I should get a clue. Thus it seems easier to procrastinate and to think about what I should do with this blog, and fall into an indecision which I can fuss about instead of taking a firm grip of my life and build a plan for the future.

I probably will do nothing, except post more infrequently, and post more topical subject-based posts on my other blog IF Human.