I am starting to feel the pressure now. This is blog post 995 on this blog. So, in five blog posts I’ll have written one thousand rambling word-vomits on this blog. Where does time fly? What will I do to celebrate?

My first post was in April 2012, so the blog is almost three years old as well. Judging by the pace I’m posting on this blog now, I’ll fly over the blog’s birthday before I get to that 1000th blog post.

I’ve even had both Ben and Mark ask me if I’ve quit with the blog now. But no, it’s just that I’m busy with school and life, and I don’t feel so motivated to write outside of my school work.

That’s the downside to studying literature, I’ve found. When one has a bit of free time, one does not want to do what one does ‘professionally’ all day. It’s even becoming harder to read books because I’m so into ‘analysis mode’ that I don’t let the books carry me away like they used to.

I’ve felt a bit poorly the last few days, so I think I’m coming down with something. Which means Mark has fussed over me, and I don’t have to do much around the house. Obviously it’s all a cunning plan so that he can guilt trip me in a few days. He’ll lazy about and go “but I’ve taken care of you for ages, you lazy sod.”

Yesterday he rang the front door bell, and then carried a whole engine in parts inside. For a moment I thought he had wrecked his own car, but he’s of a mind to repair a whole car engine just to learn how to do it. He “bought” an old engine. When I say bought, I mean that he rescued it from being shipped to the scrap yard. A friend of his had it in the parents garage.

The downstairs “brewing room” now looks like a car mechanic shop at the moment. I even stubbed a toe on god knows what that’s huge, heavy, and of some inscrutable purpose when I went down there to get some beer. He’ll have to clean the place up, or we’ll have no access to the freezer.

I’m scrabbling around to join a new band again. I get these urges, join something, and then leave when the band turns out to be serious, ambitious, and have plans for the future. I wish I could find something where the members didn’t hope to become the next big hit. I just want to sing for a hobby, and do it on a regular basis. It always feels a bit silly to take up everyone’s time when I just want to play around with a hobby.

In exactly two weeks today, I’ll no longer be a teenager. Mark has started to look like he’s planning something. Sometimes when I enter a room, he’s on the phone and changes the subject abruptly, and looks a little bit guilty. Yeah, I think he’s planning something.