On Monday, we packed the Toyota full of stuff and headed into the sunset. After the boredom of the weekend, we decided to have an adventure. Let’s go away, just a couple of days, Mark said. Without any obligations to school or work, it was easy to agree. So, we packed the car, and headed off.

We are still away and don’t plan to go back yet. Auntie has the dogs and the cat, and Mark’s parents have the house keys because they want to be near London. It feels like we don’t have to go back; not yet. We plan to roam until Tomorrow or Tuesday. And maybe we won’t go back even then.

I woke up next to a stream this morning because last night we slept in a tent! I thought it would be much more uncomfortable than it was, but the little tent accommodated both of us quite well. Which meant we woke up far too early today, and saw the morning sun over the stream.

Heavy shrubbery all around. Fish beat against the surface. I feel like I have fallen into a Merchant and Ivory film. Ahead, across the river there’s a grand house obscured by trees. I can imagine a man like Wordsworth or Tennyson shuffling along the gravel paths there. Funnily enough, a mile away there’s heavy urban conurbation with scarcely any greenery.

We didn’t sleep that long. Just a few hours after seeing the sun went down. I plonked on my guitar, and bent myself out of shape to catch the signal for the mobile phones so that I could have a peek at what was going on online. Maybe I should have climbed a tree to check my Twitter properly.

Since Mark’s parents has our house keys, we have theirs, and we’re meandering in the direction of Wiltshire – and we can sleep in Mark’s parents house tonight so that’s where we’re going next. Where to after that? I don’t know. But it will be great.