This morning, Mark and I put on our shoes and jackets, and then broke the hearts of the dogs because they thought they were getting an extra walkies. With the dogs in the kitchen, we went down to the polling station and did our democratic duty.

In my constituency there are two main parties: the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. They divide the lion share of the votes between them. As neither Mark or I intended to vote for either, we could have stayed at home on the sofa. Our votes wouldn’t have mattered one bit either way.

In the end, we decided that we were going to vote. Or rather, I decided after listening to Mark’s increasingly vocal opposition to abstaining from this democratic duty. For the sake of house peace, I went along with him. And for the sake of avoiding long irate conversations with my parents about it, I voted.

I did like I had planned. I voted Green. Not because I’m particularly enamoured with the party, but because they don’t stand a chance of winning here. I could have spoiled my ballot, or I could have voted for the Loonies. It wouldn’t have made any difference to the result that will be announced later, that the Conservatives will continue to represent this constituency.

I am glad I did go and vote, now that it’s over. I claim I don’t want to be a cynic, but when it comes to politics my cynicism is as black as soot. But I must fight it because cynicism is a trap that freezes people into inaction and apathy.

Accepting cynicism is to accept that nothing can ever improve, that nothing can ever be better, and that the future will only become worse and worse. I refute that, honestly. So, my little nudge to the Greens is important, even if it’s only symbolic. It’s one little voice in the column that says that we need to change this country.

Now, we’re home again at last, and we’ve had dinner, and I have a mug of tea. I am debating with myself if I should stay up and wait for the results, or whether I should continue with revision any more today. The results are most likely to be a disappointment anyway. I expect the Conservatives to remain in power, although the new cadre of Scots will be amusing. I shall weep for the weak, the sick, and the poor some other day when my resolution to fight cynicism is not so acute.