It feels as if I’ve had vacation from my life this summer. I highly recommend that sort of thing. It does wonders for the complexion, I think. But now I’ve grown rather tired of it, and feel like banging off the walls.

Mark has done his brick-layer thing. We’re going to Crete later, as he sold his Audi a little while ago and bought a more sensible Ford. It netted him nearly a thousand quid. To thumb our noses at Wolfgang Schäuble, we’re going to spend it all in Crete. I mean, if we’re a pair of champagne socialists living large in the South East, what better way to show solidarity with the lower classes than to spend our not-so-hard earned entitlements there?

There’s still august left, and then half of September, and then I’ll begin the next stage of my life in a cubicle somewhere in the suburbs of London, where I’ll make lots of tea, clean the blackboards for meetings, fetch visiting dignitaries over for lunch, and then – possibly, if I’m very lucky – learn how to write no-byline notices in a real, professional environment.

It will be an expensive affair, this. One month’s worth of train tickets will cost me about £400, as far as I can tell from the sites I’ve visited. A full year would cost me £4000. I could buy a nice little car with that sum, and replace my little Toyota. Who said going to university in this country was a cheap investment, eh?

On top of the train fare, I need to eat during the day. It would be cheaper to move into London and live under a bridge. I could spend my free time taunting Boris Johnson about being homeless there. Or, I could do what I did the other day and hold a speech where most of the audience was more interested in the drinks than in my ramblings. Yes, I have become a cliché in that I held a political speech about LGBT rights in the UK going forward.

I still have over a month before that new phase of life starts, that of the anonymous office intern, but until then I can try to live up to my duties as a naïve, deluded student politician. I’m not very good at it, but, to be honest, none of the others I’ve seen are any better.