The friend I’m staying with is a bit of a slob. When I came here, there was a pile of dishes in the sink. I don’t think they’ve been washed for a week. When he needs a clean plate, he takes one from the pile in the sink and cleans it. The man needs a partner, a woman in his case, who can hound him and whip some discipline into his life.

I joke, but I make a point by not eating anything here. At least not anything outside of a box that I’ve opened myself. It wouldn’t look very good if I were infected with e-coli in my first week on the job, would it? It did illustrate how different Mark and I have it. Mark is, of course, an asthmatic so he’s a bit careful about dust and particles in the house. I don’t like to have a messy home to begin with, and I didn’t even when I lived with my parents.

As further further proof that I failed as a teenager, I used to tidy my room when it was needed without being admonished to do so. The only thing my mother did for me after the age of fourteen was to wash my clothes. I was only allowed to run the washing machine after I was sixteen or so.

So, it’s a bit of a culture clash to stay in the home of someone who isn’t tidy. Some unknown OCD aspect of me forced me to take out the Hoover and tidy the living room up. But I only did so when my friend went out. Wouldn’t want to rub my objections to the room hygiene in his face since this isn’t my home.

That said, I have a sore neck after a night on the sofa. It’s stiff and that, and when I turn it, there’s some pain. Me and the sofa aren’t used to each other. I suspect that we’ll become fast friends soon enough.

Tomorrow Mark comes to London. We’re going to spend the evening with each other. Alas, he’ll not sleep over. But I’ve missed the bugger. I have so much to tell him. Nothing much happened at ‘work’ today. I spent most of the time carrying things out of my ‘office’, and then I cleaned it up. Looks good now. I already think of it as my lair. The afternoon was spent being annoyed by how slow the Mac is. The Boss says she’ll fix a computer for me over the weekend.