Mark came here to London this evening, and it did the old black little heart good to see him. I’ve missed the bugger, and obsessive texting and phone calls just doesn’t compensate for the fact that he’s not here with me. I can’t lie down with my head on his stomach and watch stupid shit on television after a day of hard work.

I didn’t want to bring him to my friend’s flat because, well, as I wrote yesterday my friend is a bit of a slob. Although, I suppose, I could have satisfied an aching need for a good snog by closing the door here. I must maintain steel nerves until tomorrow when I go home. Also, our car has stood on the street outside one of his friends in Wandsworth. Mark took the keys and drove the thing home. This way, I only need to go to Waterloo, hop on a train, and go directly to my town when I finish tomorrow.

Next week I plan to commute. I have the train card now, and it would be a waste not to use it. Though, the efficiency of the trains aren’t great, and they’re often late. I will just have to get up earlier in the morning and take an earlier train. It will take about an hour and a half for me to travel to my job. Once in London, the Underground is reliable, and it only takes fifteen minutes from Waterloo to get there.

I have a personal interest in the success of Jeremy Corbyn thus. As the new Labour leader wants to nationalize the railways, I will not have to suffer the ordeal of a sloppy and inefficient South-West Trains for more than six more years. Reading that, I feel distressed. Why can’t Britain be more like Scandinavia or Germany? There they have Statens Järnvägar and Deutsche Bahn – public railway companies that are efficient, punctual, and publically owned.

Today was a day of training. The ‘employer’ uses a CMS (Content Management System) that I figured out in five minutes, but they insist that I must spend two days learning it. Today and tomorrow, thus, I’ll waste learning how to post content in a text field, and then press a button on the screen to publish it.

Also, we spent part of the day further emptying out my ‘office’ of junk. Or rather, I emptied out the office, and other people offered jokes or advice. Still haven’t got my MacBook, and they say I’ll get it on Monday. The IT people must cripple it first. Unfortunately, we threw out the old Mac I was supposed to use yesterday.