Each time at this year, the Baby Jesus gene twitch into gear in Mark and his mother. There are talk about the mange, the crib, the plans for doing the local vicar a favour and decorate the display. As a card-carrying atheist, I know this is the time to step out of the way because religion is about to intrude into my life.

In other words, we had Mark’s parent over last evening, and they talked what they would do for Christmas. They didn’t ask it outright, but it was clear they wanted us to come to Wiltshire over the holidays. We spent last Christmas here at home. My mother folks came over on the 24th, and then we went to Mark’s parents after. This time they want us to spend the whole holiday there.

Mark has already prepared his folder for what he’s going to make for Christmas. My man has a plan, and by the end I’m sure it will be an inch thick with copious amounts of post-it notes on sheets of paper inside the folder. This year we’ll have Christmas boon. I’ll get my salary from the internship, and I won’t have to spend it until well into January. Which means I can afford something special for Mark. I don’t know what. Yet.

We’ve been together for over four years now. Married for over two years. That man can still make me lose my breath, like earlier when I home and saw him in the window of the kitchen, from the outside. He’s more blondish now, so it looked like he had a halo. It was dark, and there was my haloed man. He is the most beautiful thing, sometimes. And when that happens, it’s like being stabbed, and being stabbed feels good. Weird.

We wouldn’t be forgiven by the family if we just went away this holiday, but I think I’d like to do that. Just the two of us. I could thank him for being so patient with me, with the work-placement and everything. I do love him. Something fierce. And that’s all right, isn’t it? What on Earth would I be without him?

The 11th is my last day here for this year. I won’t come back until 4th of January. Then it will be a race to get the new issue out, but hey – there’s a chasm of time between now and then. And there will be lots of time to act the love fool. I haven’t done that much, and someone in this household deserves some serious doting, and that someone isn’t me.