Mark has a different idea of ‘excercise’ than I do. His idea is to lay on the floor and lift things, or himself, repeatedly for an hour here and there. When I’ve tried to do that, and I have tried, my mind just wanders and five minutes later I’m – without even realising it – tinkering with my phone or pouring a jug of tea.

When Mark tries to do my type of excercising, he is just left a puffy mess that stand there bent over, sweating, and breathing hard. Behave! I like to move. I like to run. I like to set a milestone, like five or ten miles. Then I can check if I can achieve that goal or not.

In a way, our excercise choices inform us about the psychological make-up of us, and how we’re different. Mark can grind away without any apparent cues about his achievements, and he can do this for hours. I need an immediate goal, an achievable goal, or I’ll become bored and do something else.

I do two things. Once or twice a week, I go down to a gym hall here in town and play floor-ball. Yes, I’ve kept that up even though I’m knackered each day when I come home. I may fight a titanic battle with myself to go, but I know that I’m always happy after when I do. So I go.

On weekends, like this morning, I like to schedule a run. Mostly it’s just a quick run, a mile or two. Sometimes I feel like running longer, like today when I did five miles.

But, running makes me a stringy bastard without any muscles, while Mark is working toward that buffed look with bulging biceps and strained pecs. Now, if he could only become taller than me, then my mental sexy check-list could be filled already. What I still need to do, though, is to try and find a way to make lifting less boring, because looking at myself in the mirror – I’m just sinews and bones. I’d like to bulk up a bit too.

But I just can’t do it. Mark says he wants a ‘better wind’ and tries to come with me on my runs, but he only holds me back when he does, so I steer him away from the idea when I can. I also think his asthma is getting in the way of that.

This evening we’re going to see the new James Bond film ‘Spectre’. We’ve heard good things about it, and it will let us out of the house for a bit.