Merry Christmas to all of you. 🙂

I’ve had my mother here all week. She has stayed over at Auntie, and they’ve had a jolly old time. There is no bitter sister rivalry between them, I suppose. Then again, I don’t think there’s ever been. The age difference is too great.

Two days ago they were all very secretive, and went into London, and wouldn’t say a thing about what they had done. So, they’ve bought presents for us. Presents which we’ll get today, because we’re the odd part-Scandi family who celebrate Christmas today rather than tomorrow.

Today it’s going to be full house here. Not only does Auntie and mum come over, but Mark’s parents will too. And two of my cousins: the one who lives in London, and Auntie’s daughter from Brighton. Also, Stephen and Ben will come over. Ben because he was silly enough to say that he wouldn’t go home this Christmas, and Stephen because his parents are in France.

Mark has already started slaving in the kitchen, and he’ll be in there for hours. He has, basically, kicked me out. This is his gig, and I’ll only be in the way. It’s how this usually goes. I’ll be drafted to dice or slice vegetables later, but that’s about as far as my involvement goes.

When Mark’s parents leave again, we’ll go with them to Wiltshire, and I’ll do my gig on the 26th. I have prepared now. I have even selected the two songs I’m going to sing. Not Fairy Tale of New York, alas.

It’s going to be a Swedish Christmas song, ”Gläns över Sjö och strand” then I’m going to challenge myself and do ”Walking in the air”. The last one has the chance to fail spectacularly because it needs someone to carry the tune well, particularly in the high sections.

Our travels are not over after we go to Wiltshire. When we come back home again, we only stop to get into our Scottish cousin’s car. We’re heading for Scotland for the New Year’s. My uncle wants us to come up. We’re going to drive up with the cousin. Also, I have an invitation to go out boozing in Edinburgh with a friend up there. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even be able to see some snow?

That said, Stirling where my uncle lives has this big brutish looking castle. And windmills. I’ve been told that I can go and look at both. Maybe I can buy the castle, if it only had a moat… but the damned thing is on top of a mountain.

I’ve always said that Mark needs a dungeon to do his experiments in, and I need a tower. And we need a moat for that dramatic scene when the locals gather with torches and pitchforks. We shouldn’t make things too easy for them.