We are in Edinburgh. Yesterday it looked very doubtful if we were going to be able to reach it, but we did! The weather, with Frank the Storm laying into everything, kept us inside, wrapped in blankets and fueled with warm tea and sandwiches.

I’m not complaining. Spending a day in one’s pajamas, with tea, blankets and films on the telly shouldn’t be sneezed at. We had the uncle, the aunt, and two of the cousins over to the hotel for dinner, but otherwise we spent the day cuddled up in our room, looking out at the rain and wind.

However, the weather yielded in time, and this morning we left Stirling for Edinburgh. And lo and behold there’s another mountaintop castle here. What is it with the Scots? Why do they build their castles on mountains? Do they have to be so contrarian all the time? There is such a thing as a moat. And a drawbridge. It seems like those things belong on a castle.

Our Edinburgh friend took us sight-seeing. We went to something called ‘Winter wonderland’, which is really just a big market place. We drank a cup of mulled wine, watched the people mill to and fro with the hot mugs in our hands, and then we went back to our friend’s place, where we’ll stay the night and tomorrow.

Callum, our friend, has plans for us, and he’ll be the one leading us out into the strange city. And this evening, we’ll hopefully be out there watching the fireworks, doing this Hogmanay thing that everyone is talking about.

Until then, and until we sober up, both of us wish all of you a Happy New Year. May your coming year be all that you hope for.