We are still alive. Yes, though it was touch and go for a moment there this morning. While Mark retreated back from the crowds out in Edinburgh to our gracious host’s house just after midnight, I and Callum spent the night singing Auld Lang Syne in Scottish.

I couldn’t understand half the words, but with the aid of Tennant’s lager and a helpful host, we made the best of it. In other words, I had a great New Year’s Eve, even if I’m a bit annoyed with Mark that he wasn’t there all the way to share it with me.

Today, I slept incredibly late, and then spent most of the hours in the ‘bed’. So, I’ll not bang on about much. Still need to drink more to restore the balances.

What’s more, I have realised that on Monday, I will have to start to commute again, so I have a bit of performance anxiety. I have been so lazy during the break that I feel like I have to do everything, at once, to get my money’s worth for these weeks. On Monday, it’s back into the Hamster Wheel again, and we’re on the roller coaster toward summer and the end of year 3.

Then I’ll have to start thinking about getting that degree of mine.