It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’ll be 21 years old. But that’s a Monday, and I’ll be at work, so we’ll be celebrating my birthday today.

Mark has booked a table at a restaurant here in town, and I look forward to that. We don’t do that often. It’s one thing to “eat out” by grabbing a burger, or wolf down a pub meal. It’s another to dress up, behave, and go to a nice place with very nice food and wine.

We’ll go to the pub after, because Stephen and Abbie and Ben will come too, and they’ll drink to my ever advancing age. We’ll have a nice time. Nothing too fancy, nothing too elaborate. Just a nice evening out where I’ll try not to get too drunk because… it’s a mere Monday tomorrow, and I have to work.

sonyxperiaz5By post, three packages came. Two from mum; one small and one big. One from dad and my Swedish aunt. From dad I just got sweets and common things. A voucher for some clothes at a store in London. From mum I got books, another voucher for another store. Auntie ran out of imagination, and just gave me money. I also got a new phone from mum. That was the small package.

I’ve complained that my phones are growing moss by now, and Mum bought me a new Sony XPeria Z5 phone. Me singing the praises of Sony must have registered. I really like Sony phones. They’re the top quality brand of the Android world. They also have fine industrial design. They don’t feel as cheap and flimsy as other Android phone brands.

I would say that Apple and Sony are quality equivalents within their distinct phone domains. Also, Sony is a leader in photographic equipment and audio equipment, so the cameras and the sound on Sony phones are always excellent. It also helps that Sony makes rugged phones which can withstand being dropped onto hard surfaces, and even survive under water.

So, in conclusion. Today I’m going to play with my new phone, then Mark and I will go to a restaurant, and then all my friends will join me at a pub, and then tomorrow I’ll try not to be too destroyed by what’s going to happen today. Just a normal day in the Casa Colin & Mark.