Last Friday was my last day as an intern. My one year work placement is over, as is my third year as a university student. In September, I will have to return to pretending to be a student again, as I head into the final stretch to my degree.

Summer stretches ahead of me. June, July, and August. Then it’s September, and things will go back to what they were like one year ago now. Instead of communiting to London, I’ll get on my bike and commute to the University grounds.

Mark celebrated my last day as an intern with a fine dinner when I came home. He has been so patient this year, and have carried much of the weight of house work and laundry. This when he should have focused on his schooling. And in September, he goes on to start his Masters, because my man got his Bachelor’s already. He passed, and did so with flying colours.

I would also have got my degree this year hadn’t it been for the work placement. I am wondering if it was worth it, and I think it was. It was something different from uni. It only became clear months into my internship, but I was quite tired of education. I needed the break.

Since it was an internship, it had the benefit that my parents didn’t pester me about taking a whole year off from uni to work. And it won’t count against me in future employment interviews.

“Oh, Colin. I see you took a sabattical for a year. What did you do during this time?”

“Spent most of it in the sofa or playing computer games.”

Um, no. It was good to take a break, and this was actually a good way to take a break. And now that I’ve taken a break, I actually feel recharged and eager. Bring on next year. I am ready to finish this thing, and then go on to my Masters. And hey, I might actually keep my promise to myself to write more often in this blog, now that I’m not totally knackered every day from the commuting.