Yesterday Mark heard that two research grants that his mates have filed together with other Europeans have been withdrawn. This not even one week after the vote.

The grant applications will be rewritten, of course, but without the British participants. At least three of the lecturers are going to leave the faculty. Any joint project across European borders that spans more than two years is now at critical risk.

Mark and I are a bit out of the loop, though, since it’s the middle of the summer and we’re not at uni. My own mailing lists are mostly concerned with possible threats. However, the English faculty isn’t so international as Mark’s is.

It is frustrating because there is nothing we can do. There is nothing we can say or do to change all this. My country’s government has fallen apart, and both the opposition and the government have lost their minds. The only people who seem to have their shit together are the Scots.

Of course, the Scots are screwed too. If it was possible for us to transfer to Edinburgh or Glasgow on short notice, we probably could. But Scotland will be pulled out of the European Union as well, and they won’t have time to become independent and negotiate membership before we all pull out.

A friend of mine up in Edinburgh says as much, and he’s furious with us because his university is being impacted too. This is such a clusterfuck, isn’t it?